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Title: Horns in velvet service.
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 All and any info is available at this web page.

Velvet Antler Pricing
This service is available to other Taxidermist or customers who need the service.
Price breakdown for Artificial Velvet service
I can provide you with a service that will make your horns in velvet look like they should. Whether you just came back from the hunt or have had them hanging around for years. The service is Permanent and bugs will not even look at it. Check out the Velvet Antler photos on this website, and if you have any questions please call me at 732-449-5950
Because of the many variations in antlers, it is almost impossible to give out an average price for this service. This is the way I providing you with the actual cost for the velvet service. 

1. The basic charge is $110.00 
2. I then measure the length of both of the main beams and all other point lengths coming off the main beams.
3. This measurement is taken in inches.
4. Add the basic charge  +  plus the total lengths of both sides  x  the cents per inch  =  will equal the cost for the service.
5. The customer is responsible for stripping and cleaning his horns before shipping them to me. The charge for me to do it will be billed at $65.00 per hour.
6. All shipping, handling and INS is the responsibility of the customer. Because of the packaging of the completed items, only one side of the rack may be put in each box. This would depend on the species and size of rack.

Below are the horn charges for the
different species of game.

$.80 cents per inch for the Deer listed:
Whitetail, Mule, Blacktail, Axis, Fallow Deer and most of the exotic species.

$.95 cents per inch, for Caribou and Reindeer.

$1.00 per inch, for Elk.

$1.10 per inch, for Moose. 
Please note that Moose are measured differently. I need to measure from the base of the antler to the top of the palm. Then measure the length of all the tines that come off the palms and anywhere else. Then measure the width of the palms and the length of the brow tines. Add all of the measurement from both sides together, then multiply the total inches by $1.10 add the basic charge and you will have the cost.

This is the way you should strip the velvet off of your
racks before you send them to me for velvet service.
1. Soak the racks in salt water at least up to a week. This way the racks will re-hydrate.
2. If you have access to a power washer strip all the tissue and natural velvet off the racks and skull.
3. Hang the racks up out of reach of any animals to dry. If they are available to any animals they will chew them up and destroy them.
4. If I have to do this part of the job you will be billed at $65.00 per hour.

If you have any questions
Please call me at 732-449-5950

Before service


After service


Before service


After service


Wildlife taxidermy by Richard G. Santomauro
1732 Highway #71 
Wall, NJ 07719 
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A large 16 point buck I just did.













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I will be giving a class on this service at the 2012 NTA convention.