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Author Topic: Info on rental and a blank worksheet for an Invoice.  (Read 48722 times)
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« on: October 07, 2008, 01:38:29 PM »

Please note that if you don't see an item on these pages give us a call as we may be able to procure it for you.

Photos of animals and charges. www.taxidermyrental.com

 Many new items added.

Wildlife Taxidermy and Rental By
Richard G. Santomauro

1732 Highway # 71  Wall NJ 07719
Phone 732-449-5950


Web pages:


Customer is responsible for pickup and return.

Please note: Either call me or e-mail me with a list of what you are interested in and I will get right back to you with a price & invoice and we can start the project ASAP.

Below is a copy of an invoice and the info I will need.

1732 HIGHWAY #71
WALL NJ 07719
Phone# 732-449-5950
Web page address:
 www.taxidermyrental.com & www.velvet-antlers.com & www.rgswildlifetaxidermy.com   


Invoice Information:


Project info:    
Rent for 1-7 days starting on   (or pickup day) the day it is returned is the last day of the contract.

Photo of mount or mounts:

Item rented:

Cost:   Rental cost for 1-7 days  = $  Please note that there is a Total deposit due of  $ that will be returned if there is no damage to the mounts when they are returned, I will hold your credit card info if needed for any repairs or total loss.

Delivery to:    Customer is responsible for pick-up and return.

Terms:   All money that is due must be paid before the mount can leave the shop. After the contract is signed or payment is made any and all funds for the rental are not returnable. This contract is binding when it is signed or you give me the info for a credit card charge or drop off a check for payment. A payment by you means you have accepted this contract and all terms listed. I cannot be responsible for changes that are not listed in this contract, so by signing or giving payment for these services you have agreed to this contract.

  In some cases on special projects a deposit toward the rental will be needed when we agree on all terms and the paperwork is signed.

In the case of a credit card I will charge your card the deposit and refund that charge if the mount is returned undamaged and on time.

 If damages are so severe that I can’t repair it. Then you will forfeit the deposit and the animal is yours, as is. In regard to my repair policy, I charge $120.00 per hour plus material. If the damages were beyond bringing the mount back to its original condition it would have to be a write off, this would be my decision only. We have checked on the condition of any rentals before they leave the control of our shops and unless so noted they are in excellent condition.

If a mount is shipped and not delivered because of you not being there to sign for it then you are responsible for the return shipping and the original rental agreement.

Deposits: If you exceed the listed day of return (The seventh day of rental) your deposit will be used for any and all extra time on the rental. Please note that the deposit is the cost to replace the mount if it is damaged beyond repair, but if you exceed the rental and damage the item or items beyond repair you are still liable for the full deposit. 

Value charge for this rental: Note: Only legal animals with all the paperwork will be rented. If you damage the mounts in any way, I reserve the right to charge you the full value (which is the deposit you have given) of said mounts plus the rental. Please call for availability of mounts and species. The first day of pickup counts as the first day of the rental agreement. If you cannot come in to pay for your rental in person (with a credit card) there is a 10% handling charge because of the extra work involved (this includes use of the telephone) 
Please note: That the charges for the rental and the deposit are separate and if the damage to the rental are beyond repair when returned then the deposit charges will be forfeited upon return of the rentals and you will own the damaged mount. This decision is mine only.

Thank you for your order.                     

Richard G. Santomauro

If you agree to all of the above please sign below, and forward a copy of the signed contract along with any and all monies due. I will make a copy for you.

Customers Signature: __________________________________________________&

Date __________________agrees to the above.

Pickup or delivery Signature: ____________________________________Date_______

Invoice Information:

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